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Welcome to the CSHP-OB Advocacy Links and Resources Page!

Please click on the following for links to useful websites, documents and resources on a wide variety of advocacy topics:

  1. Pharmacy Scope of Practice
  2. Pharmacy Human Resources
  3. Medication Safety
  4. eHealth and Electronic Health Record
  5. Media and Government Relations
  6. Other

 Pharmacy Scope of Practice

Health Professional Regulatory Advisory Council (HPRAC) Ministerial Referrals

Blueprint for Pharmacy

Are Pharmacists Ready to Prescribe? (Presentation)

 Pharmacy Human Resources

Moving Forward

Pharmacy Technician Registration

 Medication Safety

ISMP Canada Bar Coding Assessment

Managing Medications and QMENTUM (Presentation)

 eHealth and Electronic Health Records


 Media and Government Relations

Media and Government Relations: Tips and Insider


Lilly Hospital Pharmacy in Canada Reports