Doug Sellinger is announced as the Aseptic Compounding Content Expert

D S CSHP Ontario Branch is pleased to announce the selection of Doug Sellinger, BSP, MALT as the successful candidate for the Aseptic Compounding Content Expert position.

The Ontario Pharmacists Association (OPA) and the Ontario Branch of the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists (CSHP-OB) have partnered to launch an Aseptic Compounding Program to help pharmacy professionals gain knowledge and additional experience in this unique area of practice. This comprehensive joint program with OPA is comprised of pre-readings, online modules, and a two-day live workshop. Reflective exercises and a multiple-choice-question exam will be used to assess participants’ knowledge.

Doug brings a wealth of experience in aseptic compounding and will be responsible for ensuring annual reviews of the program content to ensure program content and design meet and are in full accordance with the standards and competencies established and/or adopted by NAPRA and OCP and align with best practices as published by CSHP; including a review of overall program goals, learning objectives, teaching/training/assessment methods, skills assessment criteria for certification. Program content changes may also be necessitated by participant or key stakeholder (i.e., OCP, CCEPP, OPA) feedback.

The CSHP Ontario Branch Council welcomes Doug Sellinger as a part of our team and we thank him for his interest and support.