Exciting Changes to Southwestern Chapter Chair Position

More Volunteer Opportunities Available! An excellent opportunity to remain actively involved and connected within the profession! The Southwestern Branch currently has 87 members.

For the upcoming 2007-2009 term we have proposed dividing the position of Southwestern chapter chair into a co-chair position. The proposed position descriptions are as follows:

Co-chair (Branch): to act as the direct liaison between CSHP OB and SW branch members, update members via email, attend AGM and Midterm counsel meetings, participate in teleconferences and help organize the joint residency night, and to participate in other CSHP initiatives as applicable.

Co-chair (Local): to organize and facilitate local events in conjunction with the co-chair and chapter volunteers,  directly liaise with industry partners and local pharmacist associations, and to participate in other CSHP initiatives as applicable.

Please note, my term as chapter chair is coming to a close as of November 2007

I would like to invite anyone interested in volunteering with CSHP Southwestern Chapter to contact me! Help keep the great educational events and updates going!

Maria Anwar
Southwestern Chapter Chair