Lake Ontario East Chapter

Welcome to Lake Ontario East Chapter!

Lake Ontario East is a chapter newly created in the branch restructuring almost 10 years ago, now. The chapter is geographically quite large, from Ajax-Pickering to Campbellford and from Northumberland on Lake Ontario to Markham-Stouffvile and Minden/Haliburton in the north. It is also very diverse, with hospitals of less than 100 beds and multi-site regional health centres, dense (sub)urban areas along the lakeshore and sparsely popluated rural areas more northerly. It is one of the chapters not entirely aligned with the new LHINs, so Lake Ontario East will represent LHIN 9: to include all of Scarborough (part of Metro chapter, but one hospital of which Ajax Pickering is an affiliated site) but with Markham Stouffville represented as part of LHIN 8 by Lake Ontario West. The Markham-Stouffville, Durham and Peterborough areas have active local pharmacist associations and CE coordinators arranging frequent educational events.

For information regarding the Lake Ontario East Chapter, please contact the Chapter Chair, Vivian Lee.